8 sierpnia 2014

Dodawanie wpisu GRUB do bootloadera Vista/Windows 7

With Microsoft having done away with the boot.ini file, the procedure to get a GRUB entry in your Windows boot menu has changed. Instead of boot.ini which was a simple text file, the boot configuration is now stored in C:\BOOT\BCD. This being a binary file, it cannot be edited manually. Microsoft has provided bcdedit.exe to do add,delete and modify entries from this file.
Follow the steps mentioned below

  • While installing FC, Install GRUB on the first sector of the boot partition
  • After installing FC, boot using the FC disc, go into rescue mode and run the following command
    dd if=/dev/sda2 of=grub.bin bs=512 count=1
    [Replace /dev/sda2 with your boot partition]
  • Copy the file grub.bin to your Vista partition.
  • Under Vista, start Command Prompt in Administrator mode by right-clicking on it and choosing “Run as Administrator”.
  • Enter the following commands
    bcdedit /store c:\boot\bcd /create /d “GRUB” /application BOOTSECTOR
    You’ll get an output similar to
    The entry {some-description-id} was created successfully.
    Copy {some-description-id}. You’ll need it for the remaining commands.
  • Next,
    bcdedit /store c:\boot\bcd /set {some-description-id} device partition=C:
    bcdedit /store c:\boot\bcd /set {some-description-id} path \grub.bin
    bcdedit /store c:\boot\bcd /displayorder {some-description-id} /addlast
  • Thats it, the GRUB entry should now be present in the boot menu !!


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